The tools of retail ecommerce

Pear’s shoppable tools - including add-to-cart links and shoppable where-to-buy widgets - create paths to purchase for any UPC at every retailer, capturing actionable insights and data at every step of the funnel.

Enabling retail ecommerce begins with creating shoppability for your brand. To become fully shoppable, brands must connect to every retailer stocking their product - from the big-box stores to the co-op down the street.

After that, you need to ensure you’re not spending money to send shoppers to an out-of-stock page. Up-to-date inventory scanning is key.

Finally, you need the data. Your brand needs to know which ads, retailers, audiences, and geographies are performing or underperforming so you can optimize your return on ad spend (ROAS), and you need to be able to run performance marketing tactics (e.g. leveraging retargeting, lookalike audiences, and optimized campaigns).

Pear’s shoppable tools–including add-to-cart links and shoppable where-to-buy PDPs–create paths to purchase for any UPC at every retailer.

Proprietary inventory scanning at over 3,000 retailers provides the best shoppability and out-of- stock detection available, dynamically displaying retailers based on geolocation and daily inventory counts. Shoppers only see locations with products available for purchase near them, meaning they never hit an out-of-stock link when clicking over to a retailer’s cart.

The Pear dashboard captures actionable insights that help CPG brands understand retail shopper behavior and make mid-campaign decisions to improve ROAS.

Pear is also the only retail ecommerce solution with transaction-level, full-funnel, attributable sales data from retail. CPGs can finally know which clicks resulted in an action - and where their consumers are most likely to be engaging - across traffic source, geography, UPC, retailer, and more.

Download this case study to see how one personal care brand used Pear to better understand their shopper behavior at retail

With pixel-firing at every step of the funnel, brands have the ability to create custom audiences for retargeting, build lookalikes, and optimize with direct-to-consumer level performance marketing tactics. Brands enabling the full Pear suite unlock the capabilities to confidently run marketing campaigns to retail, driving both awareness and purchases through the retail ecommerce channel.

Shoppable Tool Examples

Onsite Where-to-Buy

Onsite shoppable tools - including Shoppable PDPs and Store Locators - live on brands’ website pages and collect a high-intent audience of shoppers actively seeking out products and their availability at select retailers.

Liquid Death - Shoppable PDP - Mobile and Desktop View
Shoppable PDPs
”Buy Near You” functionality embedded directly onto product pages or any owned property.View Live Example
TruRoots - Store Locator - Mobile and Desktop View
Shoppable Store Locators
Actionable and customizable store locators with full shoppability at any retailer. View Live Example

Offsite Shoppable Links

Actively drive shoppers to your retail ecommerce experiences with shoppable links. Links drive mid- and bottom-funnel activity from brands’ free or paid media and other owned properties.

818 Tequila - Shoppable Landing Page - Mobile and Desktop View
Shoppable Landing Pages
Display single or multiple products available at single or multiple retailers on shoppable landing pages.View Live Example
Aquafor - Direct to Cart Link Mockup
Direct to Cart Links
Retail ecommerce shoppability with the lowest number of clicks. Add products directly to retailers’ carts from your media. View Live Example

Utilizing the full Pear platform gives brands the ability to stack marketing strategies–e.g. building lookalike audiences off of store locator visitors or retargeting add-to-carts from your shoppable PDPs–to drive both awareness and purchase at retail.

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