Vice President of Engineering

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Jun 11, 2024
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About the job

About Pear

Pear Commerce is the retail ecommerce platform that connects CPGs to retailers, converting shoppable media into actionable insights that fuel performance marketing. Our technology and retail partnerships create the most comprehensive and accurate paths to purchase, helping brands consolidate every path from and brand media to for a unified shopper journey, data backend, and strategic vision.

And if this all sounds like a different language…essentially, we make sure when a shopper visits a brand’s store locator or clicks on their shoppable ad, the shopper is able to find and buy the product as efficiently as possible, and the brand is able to capture real-time insights into how their shoppable tools are performing - down to the content, platform, geo, and audience - to drive greater awareness and increase overall marketing effectiveness.

The Team

At Pear, we hire the best and then take really good care of them. We want you to grow here, and believe hiring and keeping world-class talent is a true competitive advantage. To be clear, our team is not a family. It’s a group of insanely talented and kind people that work tirelessly (but not like on the weekend or evenings) to make Pear better than it was yesterday.

Pear is a venture-backed startup and, to succeed, you must be comfortable with our approach:

  • We focus on alignment so we can act autonomously.
  • We are builders and do-ers and we move quickly.
  • We ask why because we are curious and like to learn.
  • We want the ideal team player—humble, hungry, and smart.
  • We are not homogenous. We celebrate diversity.
  • We work hard but know when to turn work off.
  • We are not afraid of messiness, of change, of moving fast.

Challenges our engineering team are working on:

  • Advanced Web Scraping: Handling large-scale data extraction across diverse web sources.
  • Complex Entity Resolution: Developing sophisticated algorithms to accurately identify and link data entities.
  • Innovative 3rd Party SDK Development: Creating robust software development kits for seamless integration with external platforms.
  • Cutting-Edge SaaS Dashboards: Designing dynamic, user-centric dashboards for insightful data visualization.
  • High-Performance Web Solutions: Building and maintaining high-traffic, high-uptime web products to meet user demands.

You will

  • Hire and Lead Talent: Recruit and cultivate a high-performing engineering team capable of overcoming the aforementioned challenges.
  • Drive Research and Innovation: Form and guide teams dedicated to pioneering research and development for our products.
  • Ensure Operational Excellence: Craft and implement strategies to minimize disruptions and ensure adherence to engineering SLAs.
  • Champion Scalable Technology: Proactively ensure our technology infrastructure scales effectively with Pear’s growth trajectory.
  • Prioritize Internal Advancements: Lead and advocate for internal development projects that drive long-term success and efficiency.

You have

  • Previously held roles such as Director, Head of, VP, or CTO at a Series A company with a team of at least 10 engineers.
  • Been there, done that, want to do it again.

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Save for the future Relax
New parents can takes up to twelve week paid parental leave love baby pictures code provides stock options.
Save for the future Relax
New parents can takes up to twelve week paid parental leave love baby pictures code provides stock options.
Save for the future Relax
New parents can takes up to twelve week paid parental leave love baby pictures code provides stock options.

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The Retail Ecommerce Playbook by Pear Commerce

Your guide to capturing greater share of wallet at retail.

Five years ago, retail ecommerce didn’t exist. Today, supporting the channel is table stakes for consumer packaged goods brands.

This playbook is designed to guide CPG brands from the stages of awareness to purchase at retail. Whether you’re interested in retail ecommerce as a new channel opportunity or looking to level up existing efforts, The Retail Ecommerce Playbook covers tools, tips, and examples to help your brand succeed.