Retail ecommerce for omnichannel brands

Pear is the retail ecommerce platform that connects CPGs to retailers, converting shoppable tools into actionable insights that fuel performance marketing.

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Capture a greater
share of wallet

Use Pear to enable retail ecommerce strategy and expand your brand’s consumer base from awareness to purchase.

Increase Awareness

Let shoppers know where to buy your products and create a path to purchase to each retailer. Run awareness campaigns to inform shoppers of your retail locations.

Encourage Trial

Shoppers have always first trialed at retail. Remove the barriers to entry for customers and use modern ecommerce to encourage trial at retail.

Acquire Repeat Purchasers

Run modern performance marketing techniques like retargeting and optimized campaigns for repeat purchases.

Drive Sales Velocity

Invest in the retailer partnerships that matter most. Strategically drive your shoppers to key retailers again and again.

Shoppable tools that do more

Access Pear’s proprietary inventory scanning and seamless customer journeys to Drive awareness to purchase with Pear's full suite of retail ecommerce tools, each uniquely designed but integrated together. 
R.W. Knudsen's shoppable store locator

Create personalized paths to purchase to 3,000+ retailers from your store locator with the industry's most up-to-date inventory

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TruRoots's Quinoa product page with retail ecommerce shoppability

The fewest clicks from to Embed retail ecommerce shoppability directly onto your product pages.

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818 Tequila's shoppable landing page with four retailer options

Drive mid- and bottom-funnel activity to shoppable landing pages and direct-to-cart links

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Pear Connect ads in Facebook feed

The fewest clicks from social and display ads to Drive traffic directly from your media to retailers' carts in a single click.

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Understand your retail ecommerce shoppers with full-funnel insights

Pear partners with retailers to share attributable, click-to-transaction sales data for brands to understand their retail ecommerce shoppers.
Understand retail shopper behavior
Learn how your shoppers engage with your retail ecommerce, broken down by retailer, campaign, audience, platform, and location. For example, compare how Walmart vs. Target performs, on Meta vs TikTok, by copy, creative, CTA, and more.
Test and analyze everything
Run tests to see which product and retailer order, copy, and creative perform best. Analyze results by platform, audience, retailer, geo, and more.
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Unlock modern performance marketing at retail

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Build custom audiences of retail shoppers
Create custom audiences off of Retailer Visits, Add-to-Carts, and Purchases for retargeting and building lookalike audiences.
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Optimize campaigns automatically with easy integration on every ad platform
Automatically improve your campaigns by integrating all your retail ecommerce experiences into all your ad platforms. Then, optimize your campaigns based on your objectives.
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Ready to capture greater share of wallet at retail?

Level up your omnichannel shopping experience and use ecommerce to drive awareness and purchases at retail.
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The Retail Ecommerce Playbook by Pear Commerce

Your guide to capturing greater share of wallet at retail.

Five years ago, retail ecommerce didn’t exist. Today, supporting the channel is table stakes for consumer packaged goods brands.

This playbook is designed to guide CPG brands from the stages of awareness to purchase at retail. Whether you’re interested in retail ecommerce as a new channel opportunity or looking to level up existing efforts, The Retail Ecommerce Playbook covers tools, tips, and examples to help your brand succeed.