Pear + Oreo = The perfect match

March 6th is National Oreo Day! Check out how we leveraged Pear's daily inventory scanning to help Oreo lovers everywhere celebrate.

Happy National Oreo Day!

As huge Oreo fans, we noticed that other diehards seemed to always be on the hunt to find the brand's limited edition flavors at retail. And by "we noticed," we mean we saw it across social media every single time they launched a new flavor:

A compilation of social media comments from shoppers looking for Oreos at their local retailers

So, being the Oreo-obsessed team that we are, we decided there was no better day than National Oreo Day to fix that.

With the help of Pear's daily inventory scanning technology, we built a shoppable store locator for the Black & White Cookie Oreos with paths to purchase at all in-stock (and only in-stock) retailers.

Pear's shoppable store locator map for Black and White Cookie Oreos

The hunt is finally over - find the Limited Edition Black & White Cookie Oreos online or in-store near you here.

P.S. If you're curious how Pear can help your brand make all of your viral, limited edition, or seasonal products shoppable at retail, get in touch with our team. →

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