Be where your customers want to buy

Provide the most comprehensive retail shopping experience possible with Pear

Seamless paths to purchase
The most up-to-date inventory
Tools to drive awareness and purchase at retail
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Unmatched Shoppability

Leverage Pear’s proprietary inventory scanning and retailer partnerships to drive awareness and purchases at retail
Connect UPCs to digital shelves
Provide Pear with the UPC and we’ll scan over 3,000 digital shelves with your products in stock, down to the local level.
Create paths to purchase
Your shoppable tools will display purchasing options for every available retailer, based on each shopper’s location.
Drive sales with minimal clicks
Provide multiple ways to shop and frictionless add-to-cart capabilities in the quickest path to

The only retail ecommerce platform with daily inventory scanning at 3,000+ retailers

Sartori Cheese's shoppable store locator on a laptop
Inventory scanning that's automatic
Pear scans inventory at over 3,000 retailers - from Amazon, Walmart, and Target, to the co-op down the street. Just give us your UPC and we do the rest.
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Stop sending traffic to out-of-stock links
Pear’s technology only displays retailers with products in-stock and purchasable based on shopper location, so your brand can feel confident driving traffic to your retail ecommerce tools.
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All the tools to grow at retail -
in one powerful platform.

Store Locators

Capture engaged shoppers and take advantage of retailer loyalty by providing a seamless buying experience anywhere
Display every retailer with inventory in-stock in each shopper’s area
Enable ecommerce shoppability with industry-leading inventory scanning at 3,000+ retailers
Gain insights across geographies, UPCs, retailer selections, and more - all included in one price
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Siete's sea salt grain free tortilla chips product page with retail ecommerce options

Shoppable PDPs

Increase awareness that leads to purchases with “buy near you” functionality embedded directly onto your product pages - the quickest path from to
Create a halo of awareness by dynamically displaying local retailers based on inventory
Empower shoppers with the option to choose how they prefer to purchase
Build custom audiences from your most-engaged customers

Pear Connect

The only solution of its kind to reduce the path to down to a single click
Get your products directly into retailers’ carts from your digital ads on all major platforms
Customize which products and retailers to display, or leverage ad networks' full machine learning optimizations
Drive 20x more retailer selections by bypassing the landing page and saving a click
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Unlock performance marketing at retail

Build custom audiences of retail shoppers
Create custom audiences off of Retailer Visits, Add-to-Carts, and Purchases for retargeting and building lookalike audiences.
Optimize campaigns automatically with easy integration on every ad platform
Automatically improve your campaigns by integrating all your retail ecommerce experiences into all your ad platforms. Then, optimize your campaigns based on your objectives.
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Ready to capture greater share of wallet at retail?

Level up your retail ecommerce experience and unlock shoppability, insights, and performance marketing with Pear.
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The Retail Ecommerce Playbook by Pear Commerce

Your guide to capturing greater share of wallet at retail.

Five years ago, retail ecommerce didn’t exist. Today, supporting the channel is table stakes for consumer packaged goods brands.

This playbook is designed to guide CPG brands from the stages of awareness to purchase at retail. Whether you’re interested in retail ecommerce as a new channel opportunity or looking to level up existing efforts, The Retail Ecommerce Playbook covers tools, tips, and examples to help your brand succeed.