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Apr 24, 2024
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Pear Commerce Inc. is seeking multiple Senior Software Engineers reporting to3349 Girard Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408 (may telecommute fromhome residence anywhere up to 100% of time). The position is responsible forfull stack development, solving full stack challenges, and owning aspects ofPear’s software platform, including documenting and maintaining thecompany’s complex infrastructure and processes, laying the groundwork forthe engineering team at scale, collaborating closely with the engineeringteam, and playing an integral part in building the tech team. Specific jobduties of the position include the following: Canonicalization:Finding/matching a specific product (and UPC code) with 3000+ retailerwebsites without any unique identifiers to do a definitive match. Pear’sproprietary system automates this matching. Inventory checking: Pearqueries retailers for whether these matched products are in or out of stock ona per store basis. Retailer tracking pixel: When Pear sends traffic to a retailer,our pixel observes and confirms if a shopper purchased. Infrastructure: Pearhandles millions of web visits to its user experiences, and a far larger numberof in/out of stock checks and tracking sessions at retailer websites throughour tracking pixel. User experiences: Pear specializes in innovative ways thatbrands can direct shoppers to retailers and strives to make these experiencespixel perfect. Reporting: Pear combines activity in its own experiences withtracking from its retailer pixel to give a full funnel view of a shopper’spurchase journey (sliced and diced in a million different ways). Ad networkintegrations: Pear works with ad networks to run where-to-buy experiencesdirectly in the ads themselves.

POSITION REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree (foreign equivalent accepted) incomputer science, computer engineering, or a related field and 4 years’experience as a software developer or related occupation. Experience mustinclude the following specific experience and abilities:

- 4 years’ experience in a full stack engineering role or experience normalizing datasets with many third party integrations.

- 3 years’ experience Javascript, specifically with Angular and React.

- 3 years’ experience using Git and Jira for version control.

- 2 years’ experience in modern web stacks and architecture, specificallySQL.

- 2 years’ experience working with back-end/full stack code bases ormobile development.

- Basic familiarity with automated testing frameworks like JUnit, Mockito,and Jasmine.

- Demonstrated experience in problem solving and managing complexinitiatives end-to-end.

- Proven ability to establish strong working relationships across all levels.

If you are a Colorado applicant:

The estimated pay range for this role, based in Colorado, is $130,000-$160,000.The successful candidate’s starting salary will be determined based onpermissible, non-discriminatory factors such as skills, experience, andgeographic location within the state. This role is also eligible to participate incustomary Pear Commerce Inc. benefits.

*Current employees eligible for referral bonus as per company policy withregard to this position.

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Save for the future Relax
New parents can takes up to twelve week paid parental leave love baby pictures code provides stock options.
Save for the future Relax
New parents can takes up to twelve week paid parental leave love baby pictures code provides stock options.

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