Unlock performance marketing at retail

Pear provides unique closed-loop, retail purchase data and fires pixel events at each step of the retail ecommerce funnel

Click-to-transaction, full-funnel data and insights
Custom audiences of your retail shoppers
Automatic campaign optimizations
Image of the Pear Commerce dashboard showing verified transaction data

Run an effective retail ecommerce strategy

Understand and analyze the levers that drive awareness, trial, and purchase behavior with your Pear dashboard:
Understand the Retailer Share of Voice for each of your products.
Measure campaign performance by platform, audience, creative, and more.
Break down every element of your performance at the zip code level.
Test which channel drives the most retail activity for your brand.
Learn, by retailer, where each of your influencers is driving retail activity.
Optimize your marketing spend by doubling down on what's working.
Image of Pear Commerce dashboard with add to carts and geography data on laptop

"One of Pear's biggest values is the custom audiences it creates for us."

-Direct of Media, Brand Partner who used Pear audiences to increase purchase rate 10x in nine months
Retarget your Retail Ecommerce Shoppers

Capture repeat purchases and upsell engaged customers by retargeting your audiences of retail shoppers to drive more retail sales

Build Strong Lookalike Audiences

Build lookalike audiences off of actual retailer visits, add-to-carts, and purchases to continue building on successful retail ecommerce campaigns

Integrate with every ad platform for automatic optimizations

Adding your ad network pixels to your shoppable tools gives Pear the ability to fire pixel events back for every step of the funnel.

Integrate with Pear and tap into your ad platforms’ machine learning optimizations to improve each ad’s performance automatically by 7-10x (with zero additional work from your brand).  

Read the case study on how one brand leveraged Pear’s audience building and automatic optimizations to drive sales at retail.

Ready to capture greater share of wallet at retail?

Level up your retail ecommerce experience and unlock shoppability, insights, and performance marketing with Pear.
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The Retail Ecommerce Playbook by Pear Commerce

Your guide to capturing greater share of wallet at retail.

Five years ago, retail ecommerce didn’t exist. Today, supporting the channel is table stakes for consumer packaged goods brands.

This playbook is designed to guide CPG brands from the stages of awareness to purchase at retail. Whether you’re interested in retail ecommerce as a new channel opportunity or looking to level up existing efforts, The Retail Ecommerce Playbook covers tools, tips, and examples to help your brand succeed.