Preparing for this year’s holiday spending trends

A look at anticipated seasonal shopping patterns for 2023 and how CPG brands can capture digital share of wallet at retail

According to Insider Intelligence, many pre-pandemic shopping patterns are expected to return this holiday season. 

Holiday retail sales are predicted to grow 4.5% to reach $1.317 trillion, with healthy consumer spending projected across all channels. For brands, providing a consistent digital-to-physical (a.k.a. “phygital”) shopping experience will be crucial.

Source: Insider Intelligence

As consumers gear up for gifting, hosting, and celebrating, they want to browse, purchase, and pick up items in the ways that are most convenient for them - whether that be:

  • researching and purchasing online
  • researching online and purchasing in-store
  • researching and purchasing in-store 
  • researching in-store and purchasing online
  • researching via social media and purchasing in-store
  • researching in-store and purchasing via social media 

Brands aiming to generate awareness, encourage trials, earn repeat purchases, and drive sales velocity during the busy holiday months must implement effective marketing strategies alongside a seamless and consolidated retail ecommerce experience.

Pear Commerce is the retail ecommerce platform for omnichannel CPG brands. 

With Pear, brands unlock the tools to consolidate onsite where-to-buy experiences, offsite shoppable media, and purchase-level data and insights. Digital paths to purchase at every available retailer create frictionless customer journeys, while click-level insights down to the UTM empower brands to make informed decisions, improving marketing efficiencies.

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