Understanding shopper behavior using actionable insights

Learn how to tap into the insights captured from your shoppable tools to improve your brand's retail ecommerce strategy and earn greater share of wallet

Understanding shopper behavior is essential for CPG brands looking to increase their share of wallet and overall customer experience.

By gaining actionable insights into how shoppers behave, particularly via retail ecommerce, brands can identify trends and patterns to make informed decisions about their marketing strategies, product development, and retail partnerships.

Optimize the customer journey
By analyzing data on shopper behavior and engagement across different stages of the funnel, brands gain insight into where they are losing potential customers and can identify opportunities to improve the customer journey, increase add-to-carts, and foster retention. This might include streamlining the checkout process or providing more user friendly omnichannel retail ecommerce shopping options (e.g. click-and-collect or ship to home).

Identify trends in customer purchases and actions
Actionable insights help brands understand the types of products and categories that their customers are most interested in, as well as the factors that influence their purchasing decisions. This can help businesses optimize their product offerings and marketing strategies, particularly when launching new test products or entering new markets.

Understand the impact of marketing campaigns
Brands that leverage actionable insights mid-campaign have a greater understanding of which tactics are driving the most sales and which are underperforming, This can help them allocate their marketing budget more effectively and focus on the strategies that are most likely to drive results, maximizing ROAS before campaigns even end.

Capturing actionable insights and effectively understanding shopper behavior requires a platform that provides full-funnel transparency and helps brands track customer behaviors and actions across various touchpoints. With this level of transparency, brands are able to gain a deeper understanding of how consumers are interacting with their brand or products, what motivates them to make a purchase, where their customers are shopping, and how certain creative, audiences, or even segments of shoppers are performing vs. others.

Enter: Pear Commerce.

Leveraging actionable insights with Pear

Pear is the only retail ecommerce platform that fires pixel events at every step of the funnel, giving brands the most transparent view into shopper, retailer, and media performance.

With Pear, brands can finally unlock transaction-level insights and data to better understand the levers that drive awareness and purchase behavior. The Pear dashboard allows users to filter, segment, and understand:

  • how often specific retailers show up for shoppers
  • how often retailers are selected by audience, platform, CTA, copy, or creative
  • how often retailers are selected by geography (down to the zip code level)
  • when products are on the shelves at any retail partner (including local retailers)
  • how retailer order, creative, or channels are performing compared to others through A/B tests
  • which products are over performing or underperforming in which markets (especially helpful for new product launches)
  • and more…
Pear Insights Dashboard Desktop View

Pear’s real-time insights give brands the ability to optimize ROAS mid-campaign, so marketing spend is never wasted. Pear also integrates with any ad platform (e.g. Meta, TikTok, Snap, TTD, LiveRamp, Google, etc.), so brands can take advantage of automatic optimizations without any additional work on their end.

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